I have so many pics but I have to resize them to make it easy for uploading.  Here are a few more from our first couple of days.  I will continue to upload more on this same feed or start a new one:)

Josh enjoying his freedom, haha (@club Xpressing in Barcelona)

This is the kind of beauty you walk up to on a random walk, one of Guidi creations, pics doesn’t do it justice.

Up on hotel rooftop

One of the best dinners we had-I want again like NOW!

Of course we had to run into a Rooster!;)

Leaving for two days down south to Valencia to visit our friend Van. More pics soon!



J taking a lil break….

Street Art~

Mojito Break
At Reggae Club Xpressing


So we made it to Barcelona this morning and slept for about 6 hours and now about to go experience the night life that gets going around midnight! Had a bomb dinner and couldn’t be more happy with how beautiful it is here.  More pics to come…..

Josh knocked out in the plane been up since 4AM!

On the balcony of our room in the El Born district of Barcelona.

The bomb Tapas and Beer at El Princessa Restaurant….

Just a few pics to start, we have only been in town less than 10 hours so we will have plenty more.  muah

Spain an Amsterdam Bound~

S.E.S will be at this years 26th Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, and meeting up with Tru Reelz, and  Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher for his performance at the Melkweg on Nov 25th! If your in town don’t miss it.Check back in as we will be posting photos of our trip…..Can’t wait to check the music and art scene in Spain!!!!


Tiffany the “TimeBomb” makes her entrance to a S.E.S Remix

Broadcasting live from the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas tune into AXS TV  this Friday July 26th @ 7PM for the Lion Fight 10 Women’s Featherweight World Title as Tiffany TimeBomb Van Soest competes for the world title against Lucy Payne. Tiffany will be making her entrance into the ring to an S.E.S Remix of Trumpets of War by Rian Basilio and the Roosters. ((((BOOM)))