Amsterdam pics

It’s Christmas Season!

Chocolate?;)The Famous Green House Coffee Shop!

Love this place!Marlon Asher Rockin the Cannabis Cup

hangin with Judah behind the scenes

After party at the Prix d Ami Coffee Shop
Strollin through the streets of Amsterdamwith Marlon and Crew!
So trip on this were backstage earlier in the night at the Melkweg and we meet this guy named Chris who says he is doing a documentary on Glass Blowers in particular he is following a girl named Dellene who is featuring her work at a local gallery in town. Dellene stayed on Josh’s grandmas farm back in the day when she was creating some of her earliest work with glass blowing which led to this interview below about some of her early days and the original pieces that Josh’s family collected. So Random and so Awesome!
Had to take a trip to the art gallery the next day, some amazing glass blowers work where on display and I don’t have pics of half of them!

Marcel and one of his pieces on display.  You can’t see the awesome detail in the pic

Miss Dellene Peralta!

City Beauty

For more info on Dellene and to check out her work follow this link!

New Track~Let it Grow~

Check out this dope track by Natural Vibrations “Let it Grow” featuring Marlon Asher.  The “Let it Grow” Riddim was written and produced by Josh Cardinali here at Stoney Eye Studios in Long Beach and brought to Lew Richards of 17th st Recordings. The Natty Vibes band along with Marlon Asher teamed up to write some sick vocals and further produce the song.  Much respect to Lew Richards for co producing this track and always delivering a sick final product.  Also respects to the Polyunderground Music Label.  Enjoy………

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